Or perhaps I should ask: 

Is it possible to sue the bastards?

Okay, let's cut to the chase

Who do I want to sue and why do I want to sue them? Well you've obviously been on my website long enough to know that I want to sue the thugs and charlatans in the polygraph industry - specifically those in the US government polygraph industry. Why?   Because they have harmed the most people and they have the deepest pockets from which to extract the money that will be needed help make their victims whole again.  And, all the USGOV polygraph operators have lots and lots of malpractice and liability insurance and they are amazed no one has sued them yet.  And what grounds do I have to sue?  How about this?  The thugs and charlatans in the US governnment polygraph industry are knowingly perpetrating a fraud - and in the process they are irreparably damaging literally millions of people. Good enough?

Well if you're still with me, let me give you a little sketch of what I'm trying to accomplish here. I'm just trying to throw this out to see what comes of it. I am not an attorney but I do know a fraud and I do know a con when I see one – and the polygraph industry is most certainly an evil, massive fraud and it is the longest running con job in the history of the world.

Forty years ago, in 1979, I wrote a manual entitled HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH. In that manual I laid out my objections to using the polygraph as a "lie detector". There were three: 1. A polygraph, when used as a lie detector, is no more accurate than the flip of a coin – 50%. 2. A polygraph, when used as a lie detector, has a built-in bias against a truthful person. 3. It is very easy for a liar to control and manipulate the test results and "beat" a polygraph test – thereby rendering it useless as a "lie detector".

The thugs and charlatans in the polygraph industry argue with me very vociferously about the degree of accuracy of the polygraph when used as a lie detector and I will concede, it is debatable. I maintain the polygraph is about 50% accurate and reliable as a lie detector - they say as high as 98% - so that issue has yet to be decided. The polygraph "scientists" also argued about whether or not a polygraph has a built-in bias against a truthful person - and that too has yet to be decided. But they flat out denied, and did for many years, that I could teach a person how to "beat" a polygraph. I wrote my manual in 1979, gave the United States federal government polygraph school permission to use it in their training courses to teach polygraph examiners about countermeasures in 1985 - and they still use it today. I testified in the United States Congress in support of the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT, also in 1985, and it was passed into law 1988. All along, continuously from 1979 on, I continued to teach literally thousands of people how to "beat" a polygraph test - and during all those years the government polygraph thugs always maintained that that was in fact impossible for me to do. In fact, they maintained that right up until 2015 when they indicted me for teaching a federal agent how to (wait for it....) – BEAT A POLYGRAPH. That resulted in a two-year prison sentence which I have served and it also established one other very important fact for my crusade: That prosecution proved conclusively that I can teach a person how to control every tracing on the polygraph chart and "beat" a polygraph. It also proved that those in the United States federal government who use the polygraph testing process , and more specifically the thugs and charlatans in the USGOV polygraph industry  who administer these polygraph "tests", know this is true. So, by prosecuting me, they have, in effect, admitted that I can beat a polygraph test and that it is very easy for a person to learn how to do it , (hell, the government presented a recording of my entire training session in open court), thereby demonstrating it is ridiculously easy for a person to beat the test and (IMPORTANTLY) that the government knows damn well it is.

Now let me ask you this: By prosecuting me, didn't the government also admit that the polygraph is absolutely worthless as a lie detector? If I can teach a person how to control every tracing on the polygraph chart at will and produce a "truthful" chart regardless of whether they are telling the truth or lying, that is prima facie evidence the polygraph is absolutely worthless as lie detector – the government's prosecution of me for teaching an agent how to do that is proof that they know it is true and, further, that they know it can be beaten very easily.  And, by the way, this is not news to the Federal Government - the USGOV polygraph school has been using my manual HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH to train prospective polygraph examiners how to spot "countermeasures" since 1985.  And, in 1995, they did a study to determine how successful people are in using my STING TECHNIQUE to "beat" a polygraph test.  Over 80% of the people tested were able to "beat" the test after only one hour of training. THAT STUDY WAS IMMEDIATELY CLAFFIFIED TOP SECRET!

Therefore, by continuing to use the polygraph as a lie detector, knowing full well that it is absolutely worthless for its stated purpose of lie detection,  and deliberately witholding that information from those in authority over them, the government polygraph industry is knowingly perpetrating a fraud. And when a person is injured while a government official is perpetrating a fraud, I believe that is grounds for a lawsuit and the recovery of damages. Is it not?  


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