While he was still in prison, Doug was interviewed by the NPR program THIS      AMERICAN LIFE.  Click on this link to listen to this program.

                                       NPR This American Life - Mr. Lie Detector

One week after being released from prison, Doug was interviewed by Gavin McInnes.  This video is an excerpt of this interview.

Click here to read the transcript of Doug's testimony to Congress in support of the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT.

This CBS 60 MINUTES program was first aired in May 1986. It was rebroadcast numerous times during the next two years and was very instrumental in encouraging the Congress to pass the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT into law. This law prohibited the use of the polygraph as a condition of employment in the private sector. Unfortunately for literally millions of people, the government was given an exemption from this law and in spite of all the evidence showing the  waste, fraud and abuse by the government polygraph thugs, the government has actually expanded the use the polygraph dramatically.  Shame on all the government officials who use the polygraph!  You have much to answer for.


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The true story of Doug Wiliams' Crusade against the Orwellian polygraph industry


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                         Is it legal for me to train you to "beat" a polygraph test.  

Doug Williams discusses this here: Is teaching the STING TECHNIQUE illegal? 

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Check out Doug's latest podcast interview:    Doug inteviewed by UNSTRUCTERED

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This article and the video above were written and produced prior to Doug being incarcerated in Federal prison for 2 years for "protesting the loudest and the longest against the polygraph".

MAN vs MACHINE - Doug Williams' war on the so-called "lie detector".