These are just a few of the many programs Doug has been featured on in the past 40 years of his crusade against the dangerous myth of "lie detection".  He tells the stories behind some of these appearances in his book FALSE CONFESSIONS which will be available soon.






A CBS News story about why Doug was indicted and prosecuted.

A FOX news story about why Doug was indicted and prosecuted.


Doug Williams - 405/226-4856 -

Michael Shermer is a SKEPTIC when it comes to believing the poygraph is a "lie detector" after Doug teaches him how to "beat" it.

Doug Williams on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw in 1998

Polygraph crusader Doug Williams and his partner in GRAPHBUSTERS, Jim Humpreys in 1984.

Doug Williams with Rep. Pat Williams author of the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT debating APA Vice President,  Larry Talley in 1985.  The sound is faulty, but a transcript of this program is in the book FALSE CONFESSIONS

Doug Williams on CNN in 1997

Doug Williams local news 1984

Doug Williams on FOX

Doug Williams on DISCOVER

Doug Williams on DATELINE

Doug Williams on NBC in 1985

This is a brief synopsis of Doug's STING TECHNIQUE

put out by TRENDING NEWS LIVE TV.   The electronic voice repeating Doug's words is really quite amusing

These videos contain the raw footage of an unedited interview which was done for a crowdfunding appeal. In them, Doug tells about his crusade against the Orwellian polygraph industry, of his prosecution at the hands of government polygraph thugs intent on silencing him and why he was soliciting funding to help him with his crusade...

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This is an interview with John Odermatt on his podcast FELONY FRIDAY broadcast on the LIONS OF LIBERTY network