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WARNING!  Do not use old, outdated information about "countermeasures" found in older copies of Doug's manual or knock-offs from other websites to prepare for your polygraph test.  If you do, YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS - polygraphers will probably assume you are lying, or they may just disqualify you for using so-called "countermeasures"!  But Doug does not teach "countermeasures"  in his revised manual & video/DVD.  He simply teaches you how to take control of your polygraph test, and if you follow his instructions, the polygraph will show NO DECEPTION INDICATED!  Doug constantly tests his technique on his own computerized polygraph instrument, and regularly makes revisions and improvements that teach you how to be PROPERLY PREPARED to prove your truthfulness!  This is the most important test you will ever take - learn from the expert not the fakes!   DO IT RIGHT, OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL!

The "lie detector" is BULLSHIT!  And I have proved it!  Click here for more information: http://www.polygraph.com/index.php?the-lie-detector-is-bullshit-and-i-have-proved-it


1 - All the scientific evidence proves that just telling the truth only works 50% of the time. That means that no matter what kind of test you are taking, if you are not properly prepared, you will fail half the time - even though you are telling the complete truth!
2 - Over 65% of all applicants for positions with local, state, and federal agencies are disqualified because they fail a polygraph test.  And what makes this statistic even more remarkable is the fact that these are people who have already been through a very thorough background investigation!
3 - Nervousness and anxiety will cause you to fail!
4 - The Sting Technique teaches you how to overcome your nervousness and anxiety and prove your truthfulness by producing a perfect "truthful" polygraph chart.
5 - You would never take any test without preparing for it first.  Don't take your polygraph test without preparing for it!

Don't be fooled, the polygraph is not a "lie detector" - nor is it a "test"!  In fact, it is nothing but a sick joke!  It is an interrogation, an intimidation, an inquisition, a trial by ordeal - and the polygraph operator is the judge, jury, and executioner!  If you are found guilty of lying, there is no appeal from his decision!  And to make matters worse, even if you tell the complete truth you will probably still fail!  That is why you must be properly prepared - get the tools that will protect you from being branded as a liar!  Doug tests his technique several times a year and frequently makes updates as needed so you can be sure that if you do what the manual & video/DVD tell you to do you will ALWAYS PASS. 

he polygraph test is the most important test any of you will ever take.  Until you take one, you have no idea how traumatic and grueling it can be - it is that way for a reason.  The polygraphers want you to be so frightened that you "spill your guts".  Some federal agencies give bonuses to polygraph operators that get the most damaging admissions! In fact, many people are so intimidated that they make statements that the polygrapher will use to disqualify or incriminate them - some people are so frightened that they confess to things they haven't even done!  DON'T DO THAT!  Go to the STORE, get Doug's revised, updated manual and video/DVD - look them over a few times, then call or email him with any questions.  And relax, he will get you ready!

But, if you have anything to admit, put it on your application, or if you have anything to confess, tell it to the investigator.  Please don't give the polygraph operator the satisfaction of bragging about what you told him that they could not have known without him and his magical machine!  That is how these polygraph con men justify their existence - by getting you to make admissions to them that you haven't told anyone else!


"As long as the polygraph is used to frighten and intimidate people - and as long as truthful people are falsely accused of lying, you must have the KNOWLEDGE you need to be PROPERLY PREPARED TO PASS YOUR POLYGRAPH TEST.  Go to the STORE, get my manual & video/DVD, and after you have read the manual and watched the video, you may call or email me with any questions. I WILL GET YOU READY FOR YOUR POLYGRAPH TEST!  You may also want to consider coming to my office to take a few practice tests - get some PERSONAL TRAINING  and see for yourself how well my technique works on an actual polygraph test."  Doug Williams

Your job, your reputation, and even your freedom is on the line - GET PROPERLY PREPARED - OR YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD!  When you sit down in the polygraph chair, you will be glad you have the tools you need to protect yourself from the polygraph inquisition!



  • If you are nervous when you take your polygraph test, 50% of the time you will be branded as a liar.  All the scientific evidence proves that this is a fact.  Even the US SUPREME COURT has refused to allow polygraph results into evidence because the polygraph is not reliable and accurate as a "lie detector"!  So don't make the mistake of thinking that all you have to do is to tell the truth and you will pass - to pass, you must LEARN HOW TO PASS!
  • And the only way to LEARN HOW TO PASS  is to get the latest revised edition of Doug's MANUAL & ONLINE VIDEO or MANUAL & DVD and get properly prepared.  You must get PROPERLY PREPARED to pass, or you will fail - it really is that simple!  And Doug is the only certified polygraph expert that can get you PROPERLY PREPARED TO PASS - NERVOUS OR NOT - NO MATTER WHAT!

How to Sting the Polygraph


This is the first, and only manual ever written AND constantly updated by a certified police polygraph expert.  It tells you in simple, easy to understand language how get a computerized score of NO DECEPTION INDICATED on your polygraph test.  Just read it over a few times and watch the online video/DVD - then feel free to call or email Doug Williams with any questions.

On CBS 60 MINUTES, Doug Williams proved that the polygraph is not a "lie detector" - innocent truthful people were called liars on a crime that never even happened!  Go to the MEDIA page to watch this eye-opening investigative report.  It proves that just telling the truth does not work!

Go to THE EXPERT page to learn more about Doug's credentials as an expert, and
how he speaks with authority about the abuse inherent in polygraph testing.  Also, click here to find out why the polygraph con men are so paranoid about so-called "countermeasures":  Polygraph Countermeasures?  That's just Bullshit!


Doug has been fighting the dangerous myth of "lie detection" for almost forty years - and he continues his fight.  For more information about his crusade, go to THE CRUSADER page and read more about his book.  It tells the story of his fight against the dangerous myth of "lie detection". 

"It is time to put a stop to this government sponsored sadism perpetrated by those who use this insidious Orwellian instrument of torture called the 'lie detector'!  Education is the most effective weapon I have to finally put a stop to the abusive practice of polygraph 'testing'.  Help me by educating yourself and others.  Please get this book and send it to as many people as you can - it literally destroys the myth of 'lie detection'!  Just click here FROM COP TO CRUSADER to purchase a copy."  Doug Williams

Why polygraphers tell you not to get my manual & video/DVD - and why you need to get them anyway!

Polygraphers want to keep you ignorant about their scam because they know that if you are educated, you will be able to protect yourself and at least mitigate the risk of failing a polygraph "test" - and they won't be able to convince you that your test "indicated deception" because you will know better!  So even if you have been told not to prepare for the test, you still owe it to yourself to get the manual & video/DVD - at least find out how the test works and what questions will be asked - then decide whether or not you want to use the Sting Technique!  Remember, just telling the truth DOES NOT WORK and, if the examiner has a subjective belief that you're not telling the truth, you could "fail" regardless of what the charts look like!  Your best option is to refuse the polygraph.  But since many people are required to take this "test", it is important to take every precaution and learn how to produce a "truthful" polygraph chart.  That way you will know that you did everything you could to prove your truthfulness.

There are millions of people who have been falsely branded as liars, simply because they had a nervous reaction when they answered a question.  They have had their lives ruined because they believed the lie that the polygraph was reliable and accurate as a "lie detector", and that the polygrapher was an honorable professional who would treat them fairly.  They found out the hard way that the polygrapher was just an interrogator - that the polygraph was just a prop he used to frighten and intimidate them.  And worse yet, that the polygrapher could accuse them of lying without any evidence to prove that accusation and they could not challenge or appeal his decision!  That's not fair, it is not the way things should be done in this country, but that's the way it is!  And your only protection is education - so get educated or get screwed, it's your choice!