I am soliciting help with a motion I am writing about my case. I am trying to point out that the outrageous behaviour of Tomsheck, Swartz and Ball - the three polygraph operators from the CBP/IA behind OPERATION LIE BUSTERS who were removed from their positions for dereliction of duty because they spent three years doing an unauthorized investigation of and manufacturing charges against me rather than doing the job they were assigned to do - is motivated by much more than a desire by the government polygraph industry to seek revenge against me for all the damage I have done to their industry and more about their fear that I am going to expose the entire government polygraph industry as a fraud.   

I want the DHS/IG & DOJ/IG to investigate the travesty of justice that took place in my case and evaluate the motives behind the CBP/IA  government polygraph section's unauthorized investigation of me (OPERATION LIE BUSTERS).  I maintain my prosecution was not only a way for the government polygraph operators to get revenge and stop me from providing PERSONAL POLYGRAPH TEST PREPARATION TRAINING, but, more importantly, to stop me from exposing the fraud of lie detection via polygraph.  Ironically the government's prosecution of me for teaching people how to beat a polygraph is prima facie evidence that the polygraph is worthless as a lie detector, and further, that the government (more specifically the government polygraph industry) knows it is.  And for them to continue to claim a polygraph is accurate and reliable as a lie detector and to continue to encourage government agencies to rely on it to screen applicants and to protect our national security is itself a threat to national security. So, rather than prosecute me on some sting set-up, the DOJ should have prosecuted the thugs and charlatans in the government polygraph industry for perpetrating a massive, evil fraud.  That is why I am asking the court to send all the records of my case to the DOJ/IG and the DHS/IG - let's see what they think about OPERATION LIE BUSTERS.  Who knows, when it's all said and done, it may very well be that the thugs and charlatans in the US Federal Government polygraph industry - specifically Thomashek, Swartz and Ball -  who end up getting busted (now, that's my idea of poetic justice)...

I have been very unsuccessful with all my pro se motions and appeals to date so I am asking for help with this one because it is so very importatnt, not just to me, but to the national security of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because, if I can teach a person to beat the polygraph test, that is proof the polygraph is worthless as a lie detector and it is FOOLISH and DANGEROUS to continue to rely on it to protect our national security and the integrity of the criminal justice system. 

Please download the file, read the motion (at least what I've come up with so far) and feel free to make any suggestions you like.  Thanks, Doug Williams.  My contact information is at the top of the page and my twitter handle is @DougWilliams_PG