For those of you who have inquired about getting a polygraph practice test, I am happy to report that I am once again offering this service.

The fee for this service is $1000 if you come to Doug Oklahoma City, $5000 if Doug comes to you.  $500 or $2500  non-refundable retainer is required to lock in your appointed time and the balance will be paid (in CASH) at the time of your appointment.  The training will be conducted in a hotel adjacent to Will Rogers World Airport (OKC).  The address will be given to you after you have booked your appointment.

Email or DOUG WILLIAMS at 405-226-4856I am also o SIGNAL for security purposes.  SIGNAL, Doug Williams, 405-226-4856 to book the appointment for your PERSONAL POLYGRAPH TEST PREPARATION TRAINING session conducted by DOUG WILLIAMS.

For more information about so-called "countermeasures" and an essay entitled "THE LIE DETECTOR IS BULLSHIT AND I HAVE PROVED IT" click on the document files below.

I will be offering this certificate to those who would like to give it the charlatan running the polygraph "test".  This certificate, signed by Doug Williams, will prove that you have been trained to beat the polygraph by Doug Williams personally.  I, Doug Williams, am the only person in history who has ever been charged, convicted and imprisoned for teaching a person to "beat" a polygraph.  By doing this, the US Federal Government admitted that I can, in fact, teach a person to control every tracing on the polygraph chart and always "beat" the test by learning how to control and manipulte every tracing on the polygraph chart - making me the only person in the world who is certified by the US Federal Government as an expert in so-called polygraph test "countermeasures" training.



This is to certify that _________________ has completed the PERSONAL POLYGRAPH TEST PERPARATION TRAINING course conducted personally by Doug Williams.

As a result, ________________ is now able to control every tracing on the polygraph chart and ALWAYS produce a "TRUTHFUL" chart - lying or not - NO MATTER WHAT!

Signed, Doug Williams

(I hope many of you will throw this certificate on the polygraph operator's desk and walk out of the door rather than to play his ridiculous little game with his polygaph machine.)

Just a word here about the ethical issues that may arise from deciding whether or not to prepare for a polygraph "test". The thugs and charlatans in the polygraph industry will tell you that it is unethical/illegal to learn how to pass or "beat" a polygraph "test". They maintain that anyone researching the polygraph or learning the "Sting Technique" does so in order to be able to lie on the polygraph "test".  They ignore the fact that the polygraph is no more accurate than the flip of a coin and that over 70% of applicants are branded as liars and disqualified.  I, on the other hand, say you are foolish if you do not learn how to produce a "truthful" polygraph chart tracing and pass the test when have a better than even chance of failing if you don't.

I just recieved some very positive feedback from my first client since the thugs and charlatans in the US Federal Government polygraph industry threw me in prison for two years and shut down my PERSONAL POLYGRAPH TEST PREPARATION TRAINING service for five years.  This particular client was caught up in the "sex offender treatment program", which meant he had to pay for his own polygaph "test", and pass it, every six months - or go back to prison.  This unconscionable and probably unconstitutional activity has become a multi-billion dollar industry and it must be stopped - but until it is, I will help people protect themselves from this "trial by ordeal" called a polygraph "test".

So, I trained the man in the 'STING TECHNIQUE' and he sent me this text after his polygraph "test":

"Thank you!! I just passed my test.  All that you taught me worked! Thank you! I appreciate it!"

To which I replied:

"CONGRATULATIONS!  I am vey happy to have assisted you in telling the truth and not being falsely branded as a liar".

I am now offering the complete PERSONAL POLYGRAPH PREPARATION TRAINING program online.  The fee for this one-hour personalized training, conducted by Doug Williams personally via WHATSAPP, SKYPE or FACETIME, is $150. I am also offering the manual HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH (in PDF format) and a link to a video of an online training session for $50. For info,  405-226-4856 Click the link below for more info.

Online personal polygraph test preparation training

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