For those of you who have inquired about getting a polygraph practice test, I am sorry to report that I am prohibited from conducting this polygraph test preparation training at this time.  But I have filed a motion to have this restriction removed.  I am hopeful that the judge will grant my motion and remove this restriction so that I may once again offer you this valuable service.  Click below to download the file and read my motion, the government's objection to my motion and my reply to the government's objection.

For more information about so-called "countermeasures" and an essay entitled "THE LIE DETECTOR IS BULLSHIT AND I HAVE PROVED IT" click on the document files below.

Well, U.S. District Court Judge Viicki Miles-LaGrange has finally ruled on my Motion to have the restrictions prohibiting me from giving polygraph practice tests removed.  She has denied my motion saying that this training is a threat to national security!  I have appealed her order to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Here is my Opening Brief:

Well, the government finally filed their Answering Brief - after asking for another 30 days to prepare it - they also added another document for "omissions" here they are:

The file below is my REPLY to the government's ANSWERING BRIEF.  It was mailed on June 1st, 2018 and it is now in the hands of the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE TENTH CIRCUIT.  Those of you who are wanting to get the practice test and get prepared so that you will not "fail" simply because you are nervous, please keep the court in your thoughts and prayers.  If the court removes the restrictions that prohibit me from helping you - I will resume offering that service immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the judge's ruling prohibiting me from conducting personal polygraph test preparation training and practice polygraph tests.  My thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me in my effort to have this restriction removed so that I could again offer this valuable service.  I played my hand out to the end and I lost... And, in fact, all who value the truth have lost... But it will be a hollow victory for those who prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned me. 

I will close with this - for now: I am telling the truth and the thugs and charlatans in the US gov't polygraph industry are lying.  It is not I who pose a threat to national security or public safety by telling the truth about the fraudulent and abusive polygraph industry - quite the contrary - it is the polygraph operators in the US gov't who pose the greatest threat by perpetuating the fraud that the polygraph is accurate and reliable as a "lie detector".