The polygraph, when used as a lie detector, is not only a fraud, it is the longest running con game in the history of the world!  Doug Williams' forty year crusade against this evil, insidious Orwellian polygraph industry has been very dangerous.  So dangerous, in fact, that Doug was sentenced to two years in the federal prison because he "protested the loudest and the longest against the polygraph" . Doug is now out of prison and continuing his crusade. Learn more about his fascinating story by reading the articles below.  And watch for news about his book FALSE CONFESSIONS - coming soon.

THE GUARDIAN - Tells about the travesty of justice brought about by OPERATION LIE BUSTERS.

BUSINESS INSIDER - An article about the prosecution (persecution) of Doug Williams.

THE WASHINGTO TIMES - Another article about Doug's conviction for coaching people to pass the polygraph test.

THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE - An article explaining how absurdly easy it is to "beat" a polygraph by using the "Sting Technique".

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO - Piece about how my prosecution has renewed the debate about the accuracy of the polygraph as a "lie detector".

VICE - Another article about Doug Williams' indictment and conviction.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - More about the conviction of Doug Williams on manufactured crimes.

SPLINTER NEWS - "How a sting operation brought down the lie detector's biggest enemy."

KGOU.ORG - A piece about Doug's prosecution done by the local NPR station at the University of Oklahoma in Doug's hometown of Norman, Ok

NEWS.COM.AU - An article from Austrailia with this headline: How to beat a lie detector: Ex-detective’s fight against the ‘polygraph myth’. DETECTIVE Sergeant Doug Williams dedicates his life to showing people how to beat polygraphs. He now faces jail for his campaign against the machines.

A&E - REAL CRIME BLOG -  Article entitled: Why You Shouldn't Ever Take a Polygraph, and How to Beat One If You Do

ALJAZEERA - News reports about my conviction were written about all over the world.  Even Aljazeera got in on the action. 

PACIFIC STANDARD - Another article about Doug's conviction.  

MASHABLE.COM - A blog article about Doug's prosection.

THE REGISTER - owner pleads guilty to helping others beat lie detector. Douglas Williams faces up to 20 years in jail

CBC CANADA - A piece by CBC Canada about Doug's prosecution entitled: Meet Doug Williams, the ex-cop battling polygraph testing

TECHDIRT PODCAST -  Feds Indict Doug Williams For Teaching People How To Beat Polygraph Tests

THE SUN - An article from the UK: SHOCKING TRUTH Jeremy Kyle guests take note… this simple trick can help you cheat a lie detector test according to an expert
Former polygraph tester Doug Williams has revealed a way to beat the machine.

CBS - The local CBS station reports on the government's investigation of Doug Williams

ZMAGAZINE - An article about why Doug was prosecuted and convicted.

PRICEONOMICS - Another article showing how Doug's prosecution has renewed the debate about the validity of the polygraph as a "lie detector".

THE MIRROR - Another article from the UK about how easy it is to "beat" a polygraph.

SLASHGEAR - Owner of indicted for teaching people to beat lie detector tests

GAWKER - Teach People to Beat a Polygraph? Go to Jail.

PURSUIT MAGAZINE - As an interrogation aid and a tool for national security, is the polygraph worth the human cost? And even with the high risk of false positives, is it ethical to teach polygraph countermeasures?

SLASHDOT - Interesting comments about Doug's case.

Doug Williams - 405/226-4856 -

BLOOMBERG BUSINESS - A comprehensive article by Drake Bennett detailing what led up to Doug's prosecution.  Mr. Bennett also covered Doug's aborted trial on charges of witness tampering and mail fraud.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - An older article about the absurdity of using a polygraph as a "lie detector".

FOX NEWS - A piece about  Doug's expose' of the fraud of "lie detection".

REBEL NEWS - A good article about why the government polygraph thugs prosecuted Doug.

Activist Post - Headline: Former Cop Gets Two Years in Prison for Pointing Out Flaws in Lie Detector Tests

THE OVERTAKE - An article about the UK expanding the use of the polygraph and why it is a bad idea.,

DEBATE.ORG - Debate topic: Should lie detector tests be outlawed? Result: 75% YES - 25% NO.

TAKI'S MAGAZINE - A good article by Gavin McInnis about my crusade against the polygraph industry and my prosecution.

BRO BIBLE - Yep, that’s right. All you need to do is, erm, clench your anus in order to beat a lie detector test. Williams even tried it on himself and voila! it worked. In fact it worked so well that in 2015, he plead guilty to obstruction of justice and mail fraud for teaching people how to pass lie detector tests. Whoops.

TRUTH VOICE -  Another article about the government's misplaced faith in the polygraph and how they prosecuted me for exposing the myth of "lie detection"

McClatchy DC Bureau - Seeing threats, feds target instructors of polygraph-beating methods.

COP IN THE HOOD -  Busting the Polygraph Busters  The feds are really going after people who tell how and why lie detector tests are flawed?! Does anybody know what the actual crime these people are being charged with? 

BROKEANDBROKER BLOG - Story about Doug's indictment.

POLITICAL OUTCAST -  Polygraph Skeptic Guilty of a Crime?

JONATHAN TURLEY - Former Police Officer Indicted For Alleged Fraud By Instructing Others How To Pass Polygraph Tests

UNILAD UK - There’s A Guaranteed Way To Beat A Lie Detector Using Just Your Anus

PERSPECS - How does a lie detector work (if at all)?

 Tomsheck Fired For Dereliction of Duty!      James Tomsheck - the thug  from the CBP/IA polygraph unit who was behind OPERATION LIE BUSTERS was removed from his position because he spent all of his time trying to set me up on manufactured crimes rather than doing his job.

BBC Article - If your boss asked you to take a polygraph test, would you?