For those of you who have inquired about getting a polygraph practice test, I am sorry to report that I am prohibited from conducting this polygraph test preparation training at this time.  But I have filed a motion to have this restriction removed.  I am hopeful that the judge will grant my motion and remove this restriction so that I may once again offer you this valuable service.  Click below to download the file and read my motion, the government's objection to my motion and my reply to the government's objection.

For more information about so-called "countermeasures" and an essay entitled "THE LIE DETECTOR IS BULLSHIT AND I HAVE PROVED IT" click on the document files below.

Well, U.S. District Court Judge Viicki Miles-LaGrange has finally ruled on my Motion to have the restrictions prohibiting me from giving polygraph practice tests removed.  She has denied my motion saying that this training is a threat to national security!  I have appealed her order to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Here is my Opening Brief:

How's this for irony?  I was imprisoned for 2 years for teaching people how to "beat" a polygraph test.  I'm even prohibited, as a condition of supervised release, from teaching this 'Sting Technique' - a method people can use to ALWAYS PASS their polygraph tests which I invented 40 years ago and explained in detail to the US Congress in 1985.  But - and here's where the irony comes in - the government played a recording of a  complete training session in which I teach the 'Sting Technique' and explain step-by-step exactly how to "beat" the polygraph test in open court - so it is now available to anyone as part of the public record of my trial.  To read the court transcript download the file below: