Bloomberg Spotlight on Doug Williams

John Cotton, a documentary film producer with 1080 PEOPLE, is producing a documentary about my crusade against the fraudulent and abusive polygraph "lie detector" industry.  Click on the 1080 icon below to watch a trailer and monitor the progress of this film.

While he was still in prison, Doug was interviewed by the NPR program THIS AMERICAN LIFE.  Click on this link to listen to this program.

One week after being released from prison, Doug was interviewed by Gavin McInnes.  Click below to watch an excerpt of this interview.

After Doug returned home from prison, he got a nice email from a young lady by the name of Angela Scott.  She welcomed Doug home and sent him a link to a video of her speech to TOASTMASTERS.  This speech was his testimony in the US Congress in support of the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT.  Click here to watch it:    Angela Scott's dramatic reading of Doug's testimony in the U.S. Congress


Doug Williams - 405/226-4856 -

Click here to read the transcript of my testimony to Congress in support of the EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT.

Doug's new book FALSE CONFESSIONS - The true story of an ex-cop's crusade against the Orwellian polygraph industry is being edited now.  It will be published soon.  For more information, go to